Friday, October 18, 2013

From Snakes to Splash Pads!

Our pass expires at the end of the month so we decided to take a field trip yesterday to the Sanford Zoo one last time.
We had a great educational experience before we even got into the zoo. As we're walking by we discovered a Banded Water Snake swallowing a big bull frog right next to this bridge. 
This was the best part of the day for the boys.

You can thank Elijah for this next photo. He insisted that I add it for you viewing pleasure.

We brought along our notebooks and we documented the whole experience. Elijah with his notebook and my with my camera.

My hobbits!

I am in love with this tree! Seriously, look at these flowers!
Never mind that the trunk has huge thorns all over it. 
I'd say the gorgeous flowers more than make up for that!
My tree trimming husband says otherwise. :)

This little guy was new. He's a Fossa from Madagascar.

Time was spent on the playground.

Another new addition to the zoo is these warthog or Phacos as we used to call them in Senegal. My dad used to go hunting for them in Africa and bring them home for dinner!
When I saw them all I could think about was how tasty they are after my mama would cook 'em up!
Sorry Piggy! You may be ugly but you sure are tasty!

We can never go to the zoo without stopping by the petting area.

These pygmy goats were my favorite. 

They're adorable!

Finally we cooled off in the splash pad.

Sherry, I caught myself calling it the "splash pash"! haha! Sammy's rubbing off on me! :)

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