Monday, September 02, 2013


This year is flying by way too fast for me but it's been full of good memories.

I think one reason I love photography so much is because it helps me remember what happened. I look at a photo and everything surrounding that snapshot comes back to my mind.

You can get some great thunderstorms in August here in Florida.
This one afternoon the boys and I were outside and you could tell a thunderstorm was brewing but this rainbow appeared before the rain.

My mom and I snuck away to Mt Dora for the afternoon .

Although now that I have children "sneaking" involved a lot of planning ahead.
Thank you Crystal for watching the kids for us! 

We enjoyed lunch and tea at the Windsor Rose Tea Room.

August also brought the official start of school.
It has been going really well.

But we still make time for plenty of water fights.

And there's always time to catch bugs and other critters.

My niece has spent a day or two with us each week.

This skinny little mutt has weaseled his way into our family.

He's not our dog. We know he belongs to the neighbors up the road but they don't seem to concerned about him running away to our house for the past two weeks. Not sure where it's going to go but we wouldn't mind keeping him. He's so eager to please and would thrive with some love and care.

A big praise that our dear Grammy is still with us after her stroke last week. 
We know she has lived a full life and is ready to meet Jesus but we are thankful for any extra time we get to still spend with her yet.

We got to see some family from out of state who came down to see Grammy. Even though it was an unsettling time surrounding their quick visits it sure was good to see them!

 Last nights storm brewing.
I love watching the clouds, don't you?

That was August.
I'm looking forward to what September brings!

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