Friday, August 16, 2013

They teach me so much.

Tucking the boys into bed one night after a busy afternoon of errands I asked Elijah what his favorite part of the day was. 

He answered "Running in the rain with you. I heard you laugh."

That definitely wasn't the answer I was expecting and I had to think back because I didn't remember laughing in the rain. 

And then I remembered.

There was a moment when coming out of the store earlier loaded down with a heavy cart of groceries and my two hungry little boys that I was tempted to frown when I saw that it was raining. It was the kind of Florida afternoon thunderstorm that had you soaked to the skin within seconds. 

And our van was parked clear across the parking lot.

But something told me to embrace the opportunity before us and we dashed through the downpour. Splashing our way to the van. Apparently laughing.

It was a small moment really. I had completely forgotten about it by bed time that night.

But he hadn't forgotten and it was his favorite memory of the day. And because he shared it with me it became my favorite memory of the day too. 

They really do teach me so much.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Oh yes! They are watching and they love to know we are happy and pleased and trusting God, and patient.....

What a sweet memory!

Aunt Deanna

BARBIE said...

So precious. Our kids have a way reminding us of the simplicity of life.