Monday, June 17, 2013

Gator Land Adventure

Saturday was our 180th and final day of school.
We made it through 1st Grade! Whoohoo!

One great thing about homeschooling is that even a Saturday can count as a school day! 
We celebrated our last day of 1st grade with a field trip to Gatorland.

We got to see four rare white gators. They are not the pink eyed albino gators. These are called Leucistic alligators. 

Learn more about these very rare gators and how they got to Gator Land through this short video.

Then it was off the aviary to hold and feed some birds.

Pet some goats.

Watch some gator wrestling.

And take a nice walk through the swamp.

This tree is estimated to be 500 years old. 
That means it sprouted the same time Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

And these poor trees were victims of Hurricane Charley. 
See how Charley snapped their trunks off?
Charley hit Florida six days after our wedding and was the first of four hurricanes to hit our state in a six week period.. My new husband and I were safe and sound in the Smokey Mountains watching the news of category 4 Hurricane Charley barrel towards our family and friends back in FL. It made landfall on our family on the west coast then traveled across the state and over our family on the east coast. 
Thankfully everyone was ok.

Finally it was time to cool off at the splash pad before heading home.

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I hate Gators!

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