Thursday, May 02, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful for our church!
 It was wonderful to worship in our new church home this past Sunday. 

Our family started attending this church when we moved back to Florida from Missouri over a year and a half ago. 
The people are great at welcoming and making you feel at home. And we really appreciated Pastor Glen's preaching and teaching.
At that time we were meeting in a local high schools auditorium but recently we were able to buy our own property.

I'm thankful for children and the way they brighten up the world through the way they give love and forgiveness so freely and the way they bring joy though simple things, like a bouquet of wildflowers.

A rose can "I love you",
orchids can enthrall,
but a weed  bouquet in a chubby fist,
yes, that says it all.
-Author Unknown 

I'm thankful for these sweet kittens. 
And thankful for the friends who are helping me try to find good homes for them.

I'm looking forward to a half day ladies retreat with my sister and church women this coming weekend.
This picture was from last years retreat.

And near the end of the month the boys and I are going to get to spend two days at the beach with my good friend and her two little boys. It'll be a blast! I'm so excited.

What are you thankful for and what are you looking forward to in this new month of May?

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Mrs.Rabe said...

I am thankful for Jesus...

I am thankful for Tim and my kids - each one has taught me things and I am not the same woman I was before I married!

Thankful for family and the bond of Christ that knits us all together!

Aunt Deanna