Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Super Fun Lego Birthday Party

On Saturday we went to an amazing birthday party.
Creative mama's who can put parties on like this just amaze me. I had so much fun wandering around and finding all the little touches and homemade details.

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The birthday girl's mama is from the Philippines and had prepared some delicious food from her home country as well as a bunch of other yummy treats.

The birthday girl (with the flower headband) and some friends enjoying the party.

This is a fun party game from the Philippines. Kind of  like our pinata.
The kids have to jump and try to grab the gift bags hanging down as an adult pulls them up and down.

Pin the head on the lego man game.

Andrew usually has a crowd of adoring fans around him at these events.

 You can see why...

Coloring station with homemade lego crayons.

 Lego Bingo game.
 Cake time.
And finally some photo booth fun.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Oh wow! So cute and creative!

That photo of Elijah with the mustache? He looks just like your Dad!!!!!

Aunt Deanna

Amber @ Fauna Finds Flora said...

The lego head lollipops are really neat!