Friday, April 05, 2013

Brand New Babies!

"There's a kitten out here!" Elijah said when he opened the front door yesterday morning. Sure enough, the first kitten was born right there on our welcome mat. We quickly got her a box and towels and then watched as our kitty Tiger Lily had a few contractions. I giggled when Elijah said "It's ok, I know it's hurts. Mommy knows how it hurts when she got Ethan and me."

I would not make a good midwife or douala. I'd wince every time Tiger Lily had a contraction.

It was pretty amazing. We got to see a few of the kittens being born and kept guessing at how many she would have. By the end of the afternoon she had six tiny, wiggly, wet babies all needing her attention and care. Bless her heart. She's such a good mama.  

Here's the family this morning all dried off and snuggling in their box.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

How exciting! I loved seeing these cute babies with their sweet mama kitty. CONGRATS!



P.S. I love your child's comments about you knowing how it hurts. LOL ;-)

Emma* said...

So cute!

Elijah is one funny dude!

love y'all!