Monday, March 25, 2013

If You Take a Sister Shopping

Dear Rachel, 
So I had a rare trip to Target this weekend all. by. myself. 
It was glorious. 
You remember Target? 
The boys and I brought you here when you were visiting. 
It's the store with the dollar section and Starbucks.

Since I was on my own I didn't didn't visit the Lego section or the Hot wheels section. 
Although if you had been with me we would have had to check out the Legos. :)

If you had been with me i'm sure we both would have stopped to admire this... 

Isn't it just soo pretty?
I loved it and almost bought it but then I saw the price and thought 12.99 was too much to spend on a cardboard box that I really don't need. Although I did my best to come up with a reason I did need it. hehee 

I could imagine us sharing a cup of tea or coffee across the miles with these "hello!" mugs.

This Journal of Awesome was pretty fun too.
On each page is written something small and simple but that brings joy if you think about it. Things like "the sound of ice crackling in a glass", "Breakfast for dinner" or "fixing electronics by smacking them" and it had plenty of room to write you own awesome list. 
It reminded me of the 1000 gifts list we're keeping.

Also along the note book line was this set of three pretty books.

And my very favorite was this little gem.
There I was all my by self giggling in isle eight reading this book.

If you had been there I sure I wouldn't have been the only one giggling over these pages.
I'm not the only one who finds these amusing, am I?

If only you had been there...

Missing you!


Mrs.Rabe said...

What a great trip to Target you had! I rarely am there with the chance to just browse.

I need a day out alone! :)

I love that you have a wonderful relationship with your sister in law.

I love that last book! Funny!

Love you precious girl!

Aunt Deanna

Rachel said...

Aww!!! I love Target! And all the things you showed us!! I think if we had been together we might have ended up justifying the box! All my friends are dead is comic genius. And as for the journal of awesome - I am having breakfast for dinner right now. Awesome indeed. Missing you lots!!

ps your nails are pretty <3