Monday, February 11, 2013


My little hobbit who needs a hair cut is SEVEN today.


Where has the time gone? How did we get here so fast?
As Ann Voscamp reminds us "Life isn't a race --- it's a *grace*." So today i'm going to slow down and enjoy my boy. Besides the normal stuff like laundry, dishes, cleaning and cooking, we'll open presents, play legos, read our new stack of library books and bake some goodies.

He asked for Chicken Noodle Soup for his birthday meal. Because he said "It's my favorite soup ever!" For a boy who doesn't like his food touching, who likes to keep everything separate on his plate, this request really surprised me. But i'm happy to oblige so today i'll also be looking for a good, and by good i mean  easy, chicken noodle soup recipe. 

Any yummy recipes you'd like to pass my way? I'd be so thankful!

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Mrs.Rabe said...

Tell Elijah that his cousins, especially Kyle, say Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Aunt Deanna