Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Poem To My Sister

 by Eryn Johnson

To my dear sister…
With all the lights that God created – the moon, sun, and stars –
YOU are Reflection of the Son; beautiful Princess, you are.
You were made in His image, created with care –
the perfect height, size, and color, with numbered strands of hair.
Crafted years ago, chosen by grace,
I glimpse the love of God when I see your face.
Your life is a gift, bestowed each day,
that I have come to treasure as I learn you in new ways.
Yet God loves you MOST; He cares, He knows;
in His goodness He sanctifies as the Journey goes.
This journey with your Maker brings winds of change,
sometimes you might wonder if His steadfast love remains.
In this season of romance, with hearts, notes, and kisses,
I can’t help but wonder how often we miss this –
We long to be rescued, chosen above all others;
cherished like a diamond, known intimately by a lover;
accepted for who we are, not just how we appear;
forgiven past mistakes which we hide out of fear.
We may be tempted to look elsewhere, thinking we’re lacking,
trapped in self-pity –  sirens promise satisfaction.
God in His goodness, and incredible mercy,
wants to walk Hand in hand, in both time and eternity.
In this season of romance, so much talk of Love,
He is the true example; came down from above.
By grace some have faith and will choose to believe
He set deity aside, in a Virgin conceived,
lived the perfect life we could never have lived,
showed how to love well, to serve, to forgive.
He did not have to come; could have chosen not to die-
but in eternity past He planned to sacrifice His life,
so in the fullness of time the Love of God was proved in this –
while we were yet sinners, He ransomed us with His.
He did not hold our sin against us, instead took on the affliction;
He was forsaken at the cross, the sinful world on the Stricken.
He gave up His life and willingly died,
on that Good Friday the Perfect Lamb was crucified.
He poured out His life upon that lonely tree,
Redeeming for Himself those bound in captivity.
When three days had passed He arose from the grave,
victorious over death, sin no longer could enslave.
Our chains had been broken, now we were set free,
to LIVE the life He planned for us: Abundantly.
In the fullness of time He brought each moment to pass,
each day that He gives could be the last.
But He is not finished – there are more to sanctify,
He will return for His own– the world will glorify.
His ways are not our ways – the road shrouded in mystery –
but He IS Sovereign, Good, and Faithful throughout History.
I have Seen it, and tasted, I know that it’s true,
and I am praying, in time, you will always See it too.
We are never forsaken in the adventure of today —
nor especially tomorrow celebrating Valentine’s day.
By His Grace a precious daughter, chosen long ago,
ever-pursued by the Lover of your soul.
Though seasons change, and many storms WILL come,
your Hope remains the same if you REMEMBER Where it’s from;
not in us or what we do, or what we take time to say –
it’s in the One, JESUS CHRIST, Who gave His life away!
REMEMBER who you are in Christ, be grounded in His truth;
take time to BE STILL and Listen; allow His work to bear fruit.
You’re a Daughter of the King, cleansed by Christ’s blood,
indwelled by the Spirit, made new in His love.
So keep on believing, trust without seeing,
your life is in His hands – His Always-Perfect Plan.
You can choose to abide, walk with Him each day,
look into His Word and choose to obey.
The journey is long and the road is narrow,
His Spirit reminds you that His eye is on the sparrow.
You are most precious, give joyous thanks for this blessing:
you are Known, Loved, and Wanted – Cherished by the King!

Eryn Johnson

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