Sunday, January 06, 2013

The Place Where Dreams Come True

We took Rachel to Epcot on Saturday and had a blast!

 We enjoyed traveling the world and "visiting" the different countries. 

 These are sodas you can try from around the world. 
We tried them all and our favorite was the Ginger Ale from Mozambique. 

The boys with their Auntie Rachel in "Canada".

Trying to take a photo of these two is quite an ordeal. :)
There we go!
Brother and Sister
Then these three squeezed into a photo booth and made some goofy faces.

I just stood outside the booth taking pictures and laughing! =)

 Then if was off to Japan!

We had an delicious meal at the Japanese steakhouse. 

 This beautiful domed ceiling was in China. 

 The day ended with an amazing fireworks show.
Ethan watching the show from his daddy's shoulders.
What a fun day!

What did you do this weekend?

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Tracy's corner said...

We loved Epcot when we were at Disney1