Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Good morning, Birthday Boy!

Today Ethan turns 4.

In some ways it's gone fast, "four years already?" but on the other hand it feels like, "it's only been four years?" it feels like he's always been here. It's hard to imagine when he wasn't around.

I love birthdays. 
I don't love the fact that my babies keep growing up but I do love celebrating each birthday and the lives they represent. 

We let him open a couple presents this morning and then when Daddy gets home from work tonight we will have Ethan's favorite meal then end with cupcakes and presents. 

Any guesses on what his favorite food is?

Macaroni and Cheese! 
He loves it so much his Granda Charlie calls him The Macaroni Kid.
A new movie from Great Grandma Day
From Uncle, Auntie and the cousins in Scotland

The boys have been playing with this together all morning.

I hope you have a lovely day! I'm off to snuggle my new four year old, make popcorn and smoothies and watch the new birthday movie! Oh, and most likely have a Lego battle or two along the way. =)

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Mrs.Rabe said...

Happy Birthday to my youngest Hobbit boy!

What an bundle of energy he is!

Have an awesome day!