Friday, November 30, 2012

You all make it look so easy!

The box said "easy to assemble". And had a beautifully decorated gingerbread house on the front.

Some icing, gingerbread house pieces and candy. How hard could it be?

Everything was going so well...

the walls were up, roof on, everyone was working together...

so that's how you make the candy stick!

...and then it all fell apart.

Who knew putting together a gingerbread house could be so difficult and involve so many tears. 

I have to laugh at the two different reactions the gingerbread house disaster brought out of my two boys.
Laughter from one and tears from the other.

They seriously need to give you a ton more icing in those kits to hold the silly house together.

Well, at least we got to eat the candy!

1 comment:

Alicia @ refinedisaiah648.blogspot.com said...

Melissa! HOT GLUE!!!! haha! Thats what I do, I hot glue the house together!