Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Coco Cay and Key West

I really wanted to get up one morning to see the sunrise from the ship. At one point when I woke up and checked  at my cell phone for the time, it said it was 6:30am which was sunrise. So i jumped up, got dressed, ran upstairs to see...
pitch black.

It was only 2:30am.

Note to self: Bring a watch next time. 
Cell phone are not reliable timekeepers when going out of the country.

I trudge back downstairs extremely annoyed to be out of bed in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping. My dear patient husband then explained that I could set the room phone for a wake up call at the appropriate time and then he set it for me.

Four hours later I was able to enjoy a quiet ship, cup of coffee and the sunrise.

That day we docked in Coco Cay.

So after a fine breakfast and a go at the climbing wall we climbed onto the smaller boat that took us from the ship to the island. 

The water was beautiful and clear.
We found and held a hermit crab and live star fish. 

After lunch on the island we headed back to the ship for some swimming and ice cream.

The pool was salt water.

It was a little chilly in the water and wind.

Dinners were amazing.

We decided to brave the fancy dining room even with kids rather than go to the buffet for dinners.
I'm glad we did. It was good for the boys and we had no major spills which I count as a minor miracle.

The boys favorite part of the cruise was the kids program on board.
After dinner each night we would take them up to Adventure Ocean where they had a blast with other kids their age and wonderful staff members who were amazing with kids. They played games, made art and crafts, decorated cupcakes, and other fun activities.

Our last day was in Key West.

After spending some time on shore we spent the rest of our last enjoying the activities on the ship.

It was a great experience. 
Having some wonderful family time without having to worry about cooking or cleaning. 

And what cruise would be complete without the fun towel creations..

Our last sunset on board.

What an adventure!

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Mrs.Rabe said...

How lovely!

Uncle Tim wants to do a cruise sometime and I keep saying I don't want to get some kind of horrible virus you hear about! I guess I'll have to give in and go sometime!

Love you
Aunt Deanna