Friday, October 05, 2012

Walk For Life

There was a time around the time I got married that I worked at a Crisis Pregnancy Center here in Central Florida.

I was the administrative assistant and it was also my job to welcome the clients who came in, get them a drink, make them feel welcome, even watch their other kids if they needed someone to so they could have an uninterrupted time with the counselor.

Besides being a mom, it was the best job I ever had. I loved working there! The director of the center is amazing and the women I worked with who volunteered their time to be there were amazing. They embraced, educated and empowered the women coming in and gave them hope.

The center is still there welcoming, helping and supporting women who find themselves in need of assistance or just someone to talk to who will encourage her, lift her up and share the HOPE of Christ with her.

The center has grown in the years since I worked there and they have been able to open a second center in another location and are reaching and helping even more families. All of this is supported by individuals, churches, and business sponsors.

Twice a year they have a fundraiser which brings in a large portion of the yearly budget. Coming up at the end of the month is their Walk for Life fundraiser.

This year the boys and I going to be participating in the Walk for Life.

Elijah, Ethan and I are going to be walking in the Walk for Life because we believe in the work that Grace House is doing and we believe that each of the lives that Grace House in touching is important to the Lord.

Would you consider joining our team as a walker or a sponsor?
It's quick and easy to visit and give on our fundraising page here.

You will be investing in something that has eternal  value and lasting a effect.

Enter our Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil giveaway here.

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