Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Sad morning at the Gill house today.
We lost all four squirrel babies in the last 24 hours.
With each day that passed and the babies survived we were beginning to think they were going to make it. They had been doing great for five days. They were getting more active, crawling all over their box and even trying to climb out.

 I fed them every few hours. I even got up at 3am to feed them during the night.

Then yesterday morning I went to feed them first thing and one had died. Then during the day I noticed another one wasn't himself and I was going to call the lady for help today and have her come get them. 

But it was too late by this morning.

In other less depressing news...

We've decorated for Fall around here. 
Here in Florida we have to make it feel like Fall with our own decorations. 
Fake Autumn leaves it is! =)

Mornings have been a little darker which makes it fun to light candles and snuggle. 
Speaking of candles, you can get some lovely soy candles for Fall from Becky's etsy shop.

Our town has a nice little pumpkin patch that I love taking the boys to. 

Elijah loves the little pumpkins and gourds. These are the ones he chose.

Out of all the pumpkins in the patch Ethan gets attached to the only one he couldn't have, this little plastic one that was there for decoration...

My boys. Love these guys.

Hope you all are having a great week. Does it feel like Fall in your area? What special things do you do to celebrate the season?

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Christy said...

Oh it more than feels like fall here in Germany! They are actually calling for snow tonight! Earlier than normal and it won't stick, but snow is snow and I do love it! I would like for fall to stick around a little longer though, the leaves are so gorgeous. Enjoy fall, which I have to say doesn't look like fall with your sweet boys in shorts! LOL