Monday, September 10, 2012

Catching Up

Some bright blue Florida skies.

These last few weeks have been filled with blue skies, learning, various insects, fishing and friends. 

Quite the catch! Elijah found both a frog and beetle in the same place.

Our yard is a wonderful place to discover many bugs and insects. Which is perfect since in Elijah's science book we've been reading about bugs and insects, what their jobs are, and how God created each one to with the gifts and abilities to do their jobs perfectly.

Here Elijah is using our flip video camera to record what he's learned about a huge garden spider he found in the bushes. 
We check on her everyday. One day we saw her wrapping up a wasp she had caught. Very cool!

This picture is especially for you dear Rachel... 
We all know how much you love spiders. =) 
Oh, and I recently killed a huge black widow in the corner of our garage. 

Do you still want to come visit?

Ok, moving on...

In these first few weeks of owning goats we've learned so much.

 Our sweet little Rosebud hasn't been well so we've been doing all we can to get her back to 100%.
It's been a challenge having one thing after another come up, trying to figure out what is wrong and then working to get her better. 

The rain has filled up the little creek that runs along our property. 
It's not very big or deep but there is this one section where a pool has formed and the neighbor kids love to come dig up worms and then go fishing there. 
Elijah of course thinks this is the best thing ever!

Fishing in our creek
I was impressed at how long they spent "fishing" when I had doubts there was even fish in there.

Then yesterday they caught two tiny blue gills! 
Since they threw them back into the water they may or may not have caught the same one twice.

Have a wonderful week!


Alicia said...

Oh my goodness, that frog looks like fun! Our boys would get along so well Melissa! How fun to have a creek so close too and to catch a fish or two! Sweet.

Becky K. said...

Oh dear...on the Black Widow. You can keep your spiders. I love your goat though. Hope you get her health stuff all figured out.

Great pics!!

Rachel said...

AGGGGGGHHHHR IT'S SO BIG!!! I'll still come visit if Elijah will protect me from spiders!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Kyle thought the spider was cool! It is big - icky on the black widow.

That Rosebud is so cute - hope she is okay.

Love you all!

Aunt Deanna