Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Year is 1864

"Imagine. You are stepping into the past. The year is 1864 and the civil war is in progress. Ahead of you is a masonry fort under construction. Union soldiers are involved in the building of the fort. Ask them questions about the lives they lead stationed at Fort Clinch. Follow the path into 1864." ~sign leading up the path to Fort Clinch

It was gorgeous the day we visited Fort Clinch.
The fort is located on Amelia Island on on the GA-FL border.

One of the first questions Elijah asked was who was on the "good side" and who was on the "bad side." Patrick later told him "You know Elijah, the thing you have to remember is that in any war there are good guys and bad guys on either side. And a lot of mothers don't have their sons coming home."

a Union Solder telling us about life at the fort

the wash house

Ethan was very interested in the Cobbler's station.
We learned that a washer women made twice as much as a soldier in the Union Army. They could also make extra money by ironing, and by making and selling candles and soap.


KLo said...

One of the things I love most about your blog is the obvious excitement and enthusiasm your kiddos (and the other kids in your group) have for ... well, pretty much anything. It is so refreshing to see :-)

I am a teacher, and the idea that parents take their kids to historical locations and talk to them about it and teach them about it ... refreshing :-) (I know I used that word already ... ;-))

Mrs.Rabe said...

Your commentor above must not know any home educating families! Sad that this is not the norm for all families and children!

I love the photo of my hobbits and like what Patrick told Elijah.

Beautiful photos as always, Melissa!

Aunt Deanna

Rachel Dapper said...

So fun! I love historical stuff like this, and you do such a great job with the pictures. :)