Saturday, June 02, 2012

"What if joy were possible right now —right where you are?"

"Because if joy is a matter of gratitude, and gratitude is a matter of perspective, then giving thanks changes not only your perspective — but also changes your life."  ~Ann Voskamp

I've taken the June Joy Dare and in addition to writing them down i'm going to try to capture the gifts with my camera. Will you join me?

"A dare to find just these three gifts every day. To begin to shift perspective and look for His grace everywhere… a hunt for His glory right where we are!" ~Ann Voskamp

Day #1: 3 Gifts Orange

Bright orange flowers that keep on blooming!

With out planning it both my blessings were dressed in orange shirts this morning.

And finally an refreshing orange Popsicle on a warm summer morning.

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