Monday, June 18, 2012

Today i'm packing again.

This time it's Sherri and I and our combination of four boys that are heading three hours north to visit one of our best friends. 

The three of us met in 1997 through band in our growing up home school years. We all played the flute. I sat next to Brittany on my first day of band and she was so nice and helped me set up my music stand. And I remember Sherri bringing a tray of cookies to share and thinking "she looks like a lot of fun". Little did I know that these two would still be my be my best buds 15 years later. That we would be there for each other's graduations, weddings and children's births. I am blessed.

Us back in the June 2010 the last time we took a road trip to Brittany's.

There have been a couple big changes.
First of all Brittany's moved and second we've added two more kiddos to the mix. 
Brittany's had Ella and Sherri's had Joseph. 
Jojo will be about the same age as his big brother was on our last trip to Brittany's.  

Two years adds a lot of growth to a kid.
This was Ethan then.

 And Elijah and Sam. 

Fun times!  

I'm so excited! 
We leave in the morning. See ya later my friends!

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BARBIE said...

What a blessing to have friendships that has spanned years. Have a great time!