Thursday, April 26, 2012

Farmer's Market Treasure

"Mommy, look at that!" Elijah had spotted this vintage waffle iron at the Farmers Market yesterday. We didn't own a waffle maker and this little darlin' was only $5.00! I really wanted to believe the man behind the table who swore it still worked so we brought it home and this morning put it to the test.

It works!

I wonder how old it is. It's a sturdy little thing and even though it only makes two waffles at a time it heats up really quickly and cooks them fast. They turned out so good! The outside was nice and crispy just the way we like it!

This is our favorite mix for waffles and pancakes. New Hope Mill wasn't too far away from us when we lived in New York. I remember visiting the mill and taking a tour when I was 11 or 12. It looked exactly like it does in the picture on the front of the package.

For the oil i used coconut oil. We love our coconut oil around here!
I added a little bit of vanilla even though the recipe didn't call for it. 
Figure a little vanilla never hurts anything. =)

Elijah proudly holding the first round.

Here's a plate for you. 

Please ignore the grump on the left. 
Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Haha, someone's not grumpy anymore! 
Something about warm waffles and maple syrup makes the world all right again. 


Becky K. said...

My mouth is watering. Those look so good! I love seeing the boys...even when one is pouty. lol

Mrs.Rabe said...

Oh, that's awesome! They look fantastic.

We love our coconut oil around here too! And New Hope Mills buttermilk pancake mix!

Great find by Elijah!

Aunt Deanna

BARBIE said...

What a deal! And those waffles look delicious. I don't own a waffle iron, but I wish that I did.

Rach said...

I shall come over and consume your waffles.

Crystal said...

coconut oil and New Hope Mills buttermilk pancake mix! YUM!! you are making me hungry... Drooling