Friday, March 23, 2012

We Bought a Zoo Study Guide

We were sent a copy of the new movie We Bought a Zoo that comes out on DVD on April 3rd. I really enjoyed the story of a father with two young kids starting over by buying a rundown zoo and bringing life and joy back not only to the zoo but to their family. Knowing that it is based on a true story makes it even better. 

As soon as the movie was over I looked up the name of the zoo hoping we could visit since it is still in operation today! I was so disappointed to find out that the zoo the movie is based on is all the way over in England!

Although as a whole i think it's a good movie for the family but there was some shots that showed the son's art work that scared Elijah. The son is angry and hurt over losing his mom and it comes out in his dark drawings.

Below you'll find a study guide for the movie that brings out some interesting themes. This was taken from the study guide:

"the audience while delighting in
the hopeful story of We Bought a Zoo, 
may well ask, “But what does this have 
to do with the Gospel or Jesus"?

"The connection is what the Christian 
tradition calls “the Easter mystery”: a 
story that, however dark it may get at 
some points, begins and ends in joy.  
This is the story of Christ, whose birth 
begins a life in joy, but who faces the 
forces of sin, death and evil, and 
overcomes them by surrendering his 
life in love, going down into death, and 
then rising again in hope and triumph.  
This is the pattern of all our truest and 
best stories."

I'm excited to tell you that we have a copy of the DVD and the novel the movie is based on up for grabs in a upcoming giveaway! Check back soon for that!

So after you've seen the movie come back here to use the study guide below.

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