Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Beauty Around Us

First thing in the morning.

I love going out to water when it's still cool and the sun is just rising over the tops of the trees. It's quiet, the light is fresh and soft and the birds are singing.


I water my roses.
The light was so beautiful this morning.

We've planted three new coconut palms. They need watered too.
A slow deep soak so their roots will go down deep and become drought tolerant.

The sunlight makes the green come alive.

Our single maple tree is waking up. We don't have many maples in Florida. I hope this one grows tall strong and turns out to be a great climbing tree.

Can't forget to water our little okra plants.

My Hawaiian ti coming back after being frozen by an unexpected frost a couple months ago. It makes me so happy to see these little leaves budding out from what seemed for the longest time like tall dead stalks.

Some times my little shadow will join me.

This rose bush has 17 rose buds on it! It just keeps giving and giving.
And they have a strong fragrance too. I can smell them when I walk out our front door.

We can't forget about our avocado tree.
It gets watered every day as well. It's small but sturdy.

Our new lime tree. I keep telling it to grow fast so we can make fresh lime-aid!

My other shadows. Our kitty's like to follow me around and try to drink out of the puddles the hose makes around the plants.

Don't forget to look up. Another beautiful part of the early morning is the sky.
The clouds are pretty amazing sometimes.

Then other times you just can't beat a clear blue sky like this morning.

It's all part of the beauty around us.



Mrs.Rabe said...


Those roses are stunning! 17 buds! I am jealous of your avocado as well! We love those!

Beauty is all around us...we just have to look for it sometimes, and sometimes it is right there to enjoy!


Kimberley Terry said...

The beauty of nature was really exceptionally excellent and magnificent. I can't compare it to any other existence unless this will collide with human beauty. Very lovable and refreshing post.

Sacha♥ said...

love the rose. and cute cat :D

the photos are lovely...

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