Monday, February 27, 2012

Thankful for my family

Saturday evening was a special night. My mom had us over for my birthday dinner and made us a special African meal that we had while growing up in Senegal. It's one of my favorites and a gift in itself since it can take quite a while to fix it.

We had a yummy cherry cheesecake for dessert.

My mama made us a delicious meal of Ceebu jen (cheh-boo jen). An African dish with fish, rice and vegetables. I love it! I tried to find a recipe online and found this recipe here.

Mom gave each of her grand kids a Valentines gift. Here she is showing M her new book.

Grammy and Grandpa came over for the evening too.

I really appriciate my family and the effort they went to make me feel special.
Thanks you guys!


Mrs.Rabe said...

I have never had Ceebu Jen, I wonder if Uncle Tim has?

Your mom is sweet - I love the photo of Grammy and M too!

You are beautiful sweet Melissa, your blouse is darling! You are special.


Justine said...

Happy Birthday! :) Did you grow up in Africa? So neat!

Patricia said...

Happy Birthday! You are blessed to have such a beautiful family.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Patricia aka Mamaw

Wendy said...

Mmmm.... I love cheesecake and cherries too ~ Delish!
Sounds like a perfect night!

Crystal said...

You are loved! Glad you enjoyed the evening. Good thing you like Ceebu Jen 'cause it gave us all an opportunity to have it! Mmmm