Monday, February 06, 2012

"Mommy! Come see!"

I never know what my boys are going to discover next. They are always bringing creatures and treasures to show me.

This time it was a little Florida box turtle.

They waited not so patiently for the little guy to get comfortable and come out of his shell.

 Maybe some juicy greens would tempt him to come out...

It worked, here he comes!

"He likes you mommy! He's going straight to you!" - Elijah

He must like having his picture taken. =)

Kay has made five more wallets that I'm working on getting into the shop. They seem to be our best selling item! We sold our last one to Sweden!
If you look you may see an Each Unique add on Facebook! Let me know if you do!


Mrs.Rabe said...

My kids love to find turtles! They are so interesting!

Aunt Deanna

Jillian said...

I loved finding turtles growing up!!

Neha said...

Is it possible to get one of those wallets shipped to India?

Crystal said...

tell her she'd get some good sales on denim purses & wallets. Even if she makes a few to try... a denim wallet would match my purse!