Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Good Morning!

What a lovely surprise to wake up to these beautiful flowers and treats from my honey this morning!
He leaves for work really early but he left these for me on the kitchen table.
My hubby has double duty on Valentines since it is also my birthday! He did good!

Looks like I'm going to be sharing my chocolate with some little fellas. =)

There was even a card from the kiddos... 

 I love that he got me orchids that will last for a while. I hate seeing flowers die and having to throw them away. But these we can enjoy for a long time!

What are your plans for today?


Mrs.Rabe said...

He did do good!

Happy Birthday!

Uncle Tim got me roses and wonderful card and a $25 gift card for Barnes and Noble. Don't know what else we might do.

Have a lovely day!


BARBIE said...

Oh the Orchids are beautiful. And Happy Birthday!

Rach said...

The boy did good - sometimes I'm shocked that the same guy who delights in grossing me out is capable of such displays of romance! Hope you had a lovely day Sis :)

The Life of Susan said...

awww so sweet! have a wonderful birthday!

Melissa G. said...

Rach, he still surprises me too some times! =)

Crystal said...

What a pleasant surprise :-) I'm so glad your husband was thoughtful & romantic! Praise God for husbands.

I think you should add the last picture the Orchid one to your etsy shop!