Tuesday, November 01, 2011


(Picture stolen borrowed from Creekside Cotttage.)
It's not everyday you have a someone in your family turn 90 years old.

In honor of Grammy the family put together some surprises for her birthday yesterday.

On Friday her daughter and family who live in Missouri surprised her by coming down. When she saw them she said it was the best birthday gift they could give her. Little did she know there was more on the way! =)

She thought she was going to my mom's house for dinner the evening of her birthday (last night) but instead she was taken to a family dinner where she was surprised to see her youngest son and family from Pennsylvania! (the picture above)

The dinner was catered for the 21 of us by friends who did a wonderful job!
I want to go visit them today and see if there's any leftovers, it was SO good!

There were several family members not there and we missed them.

My brother Andrew called to wish Grammy a happy birthday as we were sitting down to eat so he said the prayer before dinner over the phone for us.

The birthday girl in the center.

Elijah and Kyle

Look at these two handsome boys! Kyle is my cousin so according to Aunt Deanna (Kyle's mom) that would make them first cousins once removed. You can read Aunt Deanna's post on the evening on her blog here.

There was one more surprise after the family dinner. We had a open house dessert party where many of her friends came to celebrate with her.

My cousin Lindsay made a slide show for Grammy. The picture up on the screen in the photo above is Grammy on her wedding day.

Before we cut the cake Grammy shared that she was saved at age 10 so she has known the Lord for 80 years. She said "I haven't always been faithful, but He has always been faithful to me!"

I love this picture of my mom with her mom. Also stolen borrowed from Creekside Cottage. =)

Uncle Tim cutting the cake. Notice Ethan keeping a close watch. Over the course of the night Elijah and Ethan were given a new nickname by the Rabes. Aunt Deanna said they reminded her of little hobbits Merry and Pippin. Ethan being Pippin. Fitting since he's always getting into trouble. Not long before this photo was taken he had snuck? sneaked? crept up to the cake and stuck his hand in the icing and messed up the word "birthday".  The stinker!

Since i was distracted keeping Ethan hands out of all the sugar my cousin Emily picked up my camera and took most of the pictures in this post. I'm thankful she did! I don't know how she got these 5 to say still for a picture, but she did and it's great! I love this picture!

Sara, Sarah, Anna, Elijah and Ethan

Lindsay and I.

Rachel is a natural with babies. Here she's making my sisters daughter laugh so hard! I wish i could have heard it, they said she was belly laughing.

Well, that was our evening. What did you do last night?


Mrs.Rabe said...

Great post Melissa!

I love those Hobbitses - such cuties! Full of life and energy. Kyle is going to miss them so much!

What a wonderful time we had last night! Grammy had such a delightful time! That is the best response ever!

Aunt Deanna

Crystal said...

Great post & pictures!

Nice pictures Emily =)
Not sure which one of you took the picture but I'm so excited that there is a good picture now of our DD's teeth. Pictures of 1st teeth are hard to get.

Praise the Lord for Grammy! Most importantly praise the Lord for her spiritual birthday!