Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Nativity

The set has been gifts from my mom and grandma over the last few years. I wasn't able to take them to Northern Ireland when we moved and then when we moved to Missouri it was January and I wasn't thinking about taking our Christmas things. So this is the first Christmas we've been able to set it up in our own home. I love it. 

The boys and I unpacked them and set it up on Thanksgiving night. 

I remember setting up the nativity set with my mom growing up and it's fun to be able to do it with my own kids now. I think setting up a nativity is a beautiful way to keep the reason for the season in focus.

Some time in the next week or so we'll go to Santa's Christmas Tree Forest and get our tree! We're waiting for a nice cold day to go. This past weekend the temps were up to 90 degrees! For some reason it doesn't seem very Christmas like when you're sweating while setting up your tree. =)

In other news. We had our first sale in our Etsy shop last night!

I hope you're having a nice "chilly" Tuesday!


Mrs.Rabe said...

It's beautiful Melissa!

It's been warm here mid 60's - crazy for us. We've been running around with out jackets or boots, or gloves...nice!

Enjoy every moment with your boys during this season. Every day is a chance to make memories, but at Christmas it is extra special!

Aunt Deanna

Kelly said...

A beautiful nativity. I love the Willow pieces.

We are experiencing unusually warm temperatures here as well. We are also still experiencing a lot of rain, also unusual for us for this time of year.

It's wonderful to build lasting memories and traditions with our children. God bless you and yours!

I didn't know you had an Etsy shop. I began one at the beginning of this month. I have not had a sale yet. I will visit your shop soon.

BARBIE said...

The nativity is beautiful!

The Røsviks said...

I LOVE this nativity set. For years I've been admiring it, but each time we're in the States I completely forget about it. Maybe we need to spend Christmas there one of these years...then perhaps I will remember! :-)