Thursday, August 25, 2011

These sweet kitties came home with me yesterday. I went to the Farmer's Market for fruit and veggies. Instead I came home with flowers and kittens!

The boys were so excited! Elijah said "I've never had a pet cat before!" Ethan calls them "cattys".

Elijah immediately chose the lighter kitten and hardly let it out of his sight all afternoon.

They have been so patient and good with the boys and all their man handling loving. =)

We have internet set up at our house now so i'll be able to keep in touch better now!

Geoff started working full time yesterday. We are not taking it forgranted. What a blessing to have a job these days!

Elijah has his first loose tooth! The bottom front two actually. He's very excited about this and tells everyone he meets about it. At church on Sunday when someone would ask him his name he would answer "I'm Elijah, and I have a loose tooth!"

We've visted a couple different churches and are praying that the Lord would lead us to where He wants us to go and where we can get involved and be a help and encouragment.
 I've missed visiting and reading your blogs the last couple of weeks. How are you all doing?


rltroxell said...

i pray that you guys continue to settle peacefully and find the path that God leads you to...
now.. that being said.. squeeeee!! i LOVE kitties (but you knew that).. precious pics!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome that y'all got yourselves a couple kittens! I know the boys will love them! :-) So glad that you're getting a semblance of home going now too. Had a good time talking with Geoff on Monday. Glad he got the job too! Happy for you... and miss you guys!

BARBIE said...

Oh how fun for the boys! Thankful for Geoff's job.