Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some times you just have to roll with it!

Uh oh... some one looks like they're not feeling well...
When Ethan lays himself on the couch with a blanket and doesn't move you know something is up.
I'll spare you the details. I'll just say this changes our plans for the day.

Elijah is away at vacation bible school this morning and we had planned to visit a family from church after VBS and play with their animals but since Ethan is sick I don't think we'll be going any where today.

There are unexpected days and we just have to learn to go with the flow and change your plans if you have to.


Randi Troxell said...

oh.. i surely hope he gets to feeling better soon!

Becky K. said...

So true. I'm sorry!
Sickness is icky.
That is my professional Mother terminology! lol

Mrs.Rabe said...

Poor wee boy!

I hope he feels better soon!

Aunt Deanna

Lyryn said...

Poor baby! Praying!