Friday, June 03, 2011

Summer Picnic

Last evening found us by the lake of the Ozarks with my mom, some friends and a picnic!

Geoff and I with some of our bestest friends Jae and Joy.

The kids spent a lot of time catching the cicadas that are so plentiful this time of year!

My mom with her grandsons.

My mom, the boys and I. It's been wonderful having her visit. We've all really enjoyed it. Today is her last full day here. =(

A rare family picture! Thanks Mom!

Joy watched the kids as they swam so mom and I could walk down to see the head of the springs.

It was beautiful and so is my momma!


A wonderful couple.

He may look harmless here. But don't let those blue eyes fool you. Shortly after this photo was taken my dear husband thew me over his shoulder and threatened to throw me in the lake. Seriously! The nerve!

Always the gentleman, this one is!

The. End.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Oh that last photo made me laugh!

Your Mama is beautiful! I am glad she is doing so well, it was so wonderful to spend time with her!

Come see us if you can!

Aunt Deanna

Tracy's corner said...

great pictures. Looks like a fun day.

Crystal said...

What fun! Great pictures
Mom is pretty, beautiful picture of her! last photo made me chuckle  Part of what is funny is the serene, sweet couple watching the view as you two carry on! Like 2 opposites caught in the same frame ;)

Melissa G. said...

Hahaha! Yeah, you're right Crystal! There's Jae and Joy all calm and normal and then there's us...

Brittany Ann said...

Geoff! LOL! What a kidder! Glad he didn't actually throw you in!

Neha said...

Your mom is beautiful and so is your family!

Glad she had a fun stay with you.

Marla said...

You are surrounded by so much beauty! I love Lake of the Ozarks! Family fun . . . great pics.