Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Seaon is Changing

"Obedience...discipline...the beauty of surrender. It's the safest, scariest thing we can ever do, relinquishing ourselves and laying down our rights, wills, and dreams before our Redeemer".
-Kelly Minter

The last year and a half here at the NTM training has been so valuable and we thank the Lord for our time here. We've been growing, changing. We can see the Lord showing us things in our hearts and lives that need some attention and we know He is growing us in the areas of family, relationships and what ministry looks like.
I have finished the course and graduated at the end of May. But at this
time we have decided in fellowship with the leadership not to continue on with
NTM. This was a huge decision for us and not one we took lightly.

It is has become clear to us that there are things in our lives that would hinder our ministry on the mission field. We desire to see these thing worked through and healed in order to be more effective in our relationships and ministry here and/or overseas.

It wasn't easy. This was the Lord asking us to lay down "our rights, will and dreams" before Him.
Our entire married life our goal has been to serve overseas in missions as a family.

So when this door was closed I'm not gonna lie, it hurt. It was confusing. It was scary.
It has been a challenge to refocus and see where God wants us to go from here. I'm excited though. I'm excited to see where the Lord leads us. Because I know He will. He's been faithful this far and I know He's not going to stop being faithful to us now.

Our desire is to be used of the Lord where ever we are and where ever He puts
us and if He wants us to stay stateside that is what we have to do. Jeremiah
10:23 reminds me that we are not the ones directing our steps and it is a comfort to know that it is the Lord who directs our way.

I wish we could tell you exactly what our plans are but we’re
not exactly what our future looks like at this point. But I can't yet.

Thankfully we know our God has it all under control and we can trust Him. Anyway it seems like we make plans and the Lord changes them every time! Not that I mind since His ways are higher than my ways and His thoughts higher than my thoughts. He sees the big picture while i only see this tiny moment in time. 

 I have a hard time writing about deeply personal stuff on such a public place so that's a reason why i haven't talked about this before now. But please feel free to email me if you have questions or leave a comment and i'll be happy to answer if I can.


Mrs.Rabe said...


We have walked this journey 17 years ago, we know how you feel. This side of it - with many years past - I see God's hand, I see how He has kept us close to Himself and has used us. Our ministry here looks different than what we had studied for, but it has been beautiful.

Keep looking to Him - you are right - He has something for you. This is not a surprise to Him, He put on your hearts for the training, lead you there and is now the ONE leading you elsewhere. It is not failure on your parts - He is directing through the circumstances of your lives. He is sovereign and you can trust Him!

Aunt Deanna

Becky K. said...

One thing you know for sure is that going on with plans that aren't His would be the hardest thing you have ever done....so you are very, very wise to recognize it and adjust course knowing that everything you have learned and gained will be used for His glory wherever He puts you.

Serving Him should take place every day of the Christian's life. You'll have more tools than the average Christian.

You do know that Lancaster County has its perks and we would love to have you put down roots here.....
I'm planning to put something in the mail to you soon. Watch for it...

Melissa G. said...

Thanks Ladies, i knew you guys would understand! =)

Ah yes Becky, PA would be a lovely place to put down roots. It all depends on where Geoff can get a steady job. He's working here part time but he needs a full time job soon. We're thinking maybe FL at this point since we already have a house there.

Helena said...

I absolutely believe that where one door closes another one will open, especially where God is concerned. What I appreciate is the honesty in which your family is approaching the direction your lives will take! That's more important than anything! Can you imagine knowing that you aren't really equipped or cut out for something, but doing it anyway, just to save face?

Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa,
I know that this is a difficult time for y'all. Do know that Leah and I are praying for you guys! I know there's a lot of uncertainty right now, but the Lord will get you through it. You know, the Lord came to me in a dream last night and said that y'all were supposed to go back to the U.K. LOL, ok so that's not true and I do have ulterior motives. On a serious note, praying God shows you the path to take now and that it will be quick. The waiting time is hard... trust me I know. We love you guys!
Jeremiah for the Finches

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you as well. We have also been down this road and God did close the door on this option for us 10 years ago, but has since opened it part way (we still are in missionary limbo even still).

Bill for Elizabeth & Fam,

Rebecca Conduff de Aguirre said...

Praying for you as you face this transition time...I am sure that there is a lot of uncertainty and fears as you move forward, but I know that God has great plans for you and your family. I will be praying for you!

Crystal said...

Well said. You have a Biblical perspective Praise God for what He has done & yet to do in and through your family! Thank you for your honesty.

I see Aunt Deanna & others wrote encouraging words.
'In the waiting' chores lyrics by Gianna Jesses If I remember these correctly it went something like this: In the waiting, is the hardest place to be. Daily dieing More of You & less of me. In the waiting, is the hardest place to be…
Here's one of my favorite quotes: "i have now concentrated all my prayers into one,
and that one prayer is this, that i may die to self, and live wholly to Him."
Will continue to pray! Lots of love!!!!