Friday, June 24, 2011

Elijah's Newest Pet

Geoff took the boys on a hike in the woods yesterday. As they were poking around a dead log they found this guy.

It's a Grant’s rhinoceros beetle and I think he's pretty cool!
They make good pet since they don't seem to mind being held, rarely bite and are easy to house and feed since they will eat fruit and maple syrup in captivity.
Pound per pound, beetles are the strongest animal in the world. Grant’s rhinoceros beetles can lift 850 times their own weight! Wow!

Elijah just said, "God's stronger than that!"


Jillian said...

Um yes it might be a cool but gross:)

Crystal said...

Learn something new today. Thanks for teaching us about the newest pet ;) About the God’s stronger comment Sound like you are teaching him well! I have a feeling God liked that & smiled at Elijah :-)