Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Pet For a Day

The boys were thrilled when their daddy brought home this bull frog that he had found while he was out mowing yesterday.

They made him a comfortable home with water and rocks and even dug up worms for him to eat.

Elijah was heart broken to find the container empty this morning.


Crystal said...

He was huge! What happened or is it better not to ask?

Glad to see your post that means you are still alive!! Praise the Lord! Just heard the bad weather has continues, so I quickly come to your blog to see when you last posted. love ya OXOXOX

Neha said...

Where did the frog go? The boys seem to be so fascinated with it!

Melissa G. said...

They loved it! Elijah was so sad when we found it missing. He said "now we don't have any pets!"

The lid was on the container when we checked on him the next morning so I'm thinking one of the other little kids who live around here may have let it out. =(

Yes Crystal, we are still alive. =)We've had bad weather and tornado warnings but none have gotten too close to us.

Kelly said...

Oh, how sad to get a pet and lose it so soon. That was a very large frog!