Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to Make a Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes are a huge hit at baby showers these days. They are fun, unique and useful! The parents to be take the cake home take it apart and use the diapers for their little bundle of joy.

You can find sites online that make diaper cakes for you but they seem expensive to me. If you are willing to spend a little time and effort you can make one yourself and really it's not that hard.

You'll Need:
Size 1 Diapers (I had newborn size and used 81 diapers. Though I would recommend using a larger size so the parents can enjoy the cake for a while and not worry about their baby growing out of the newborn size.)
Rubber bands
Ribbon, Flowers, Little Baby Trinkets for decoration. You can use google images for "diaper cakes" to get lots of great ideas for your cake. I've seen little wooden letters with the baby's initials used. Super cute!

First step is to roll the diapers starting with the folded end and tie with a rubber band. I used ribbon since i didn't have enough rubber bands and didn't want to go to the store but rubber bands would have been a lot faster and easier.

rolled diapers
Next you'll make your tiers.
The top tier used 7 diapers. Just group them in a circle and wrap them with a rubber band or tie them to secure them together.
top tier
Second tier used 19 diapers.

The 3rd tier used 55 diapers. This could use an extra set of hands. Elijah's came in handy at this point. =)

bottom tier

My side kick helped me trip the ribbon. He was a big help!

Wrap wide ribbon around each tier and stack like so...
You'll want to secure them together with tape. Some people build the cake around an empty paper towel roll to secure together. Or just build the cake at the event (but make sure it doesn't get knocked over).

Next you'll decorate the cake with your items. I had some Burt's Bees products so I used yellow and brown ribbon and flowers and it ended up with a jungle theme.

You'll want to have a larger item on the top as sort of a "cake topper".
our stuffed giraffe cake topper

Elijah also helped to product test the cake topper.
He had to make sure it was good enough for his little cousin.

Finally decorate your heart out with your flowers, ribbon, wooden letters, baby items.

Done! But some thing was missing...
We added brown ribbon behind the yellow and that was just what it needed!

Here's the final product!

Let me know if you make one and be sure to send me a picture and you'll be featured here on The Missionary Mama!

Stay tuned...

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Neha said...

That's a seriously great diaper cake!!! We don't really have baby showers here and this concept of a diaper cake is new for me. In fact this is the first I have seen! You've done a great job!

And hugs to Elizah for helping out his Mumma. He is simply adorablle!!

Lindsay Blogs said...

That's so beautiful! Well done!

Crystal said...

Beautiful!! You are so creative :-)
thank you for all the hours & work you put into this!!!!

We are enjoying admiring the diaper cake as a table centerpiece. You inspired my mother-in-law, who now plans to make a diaper cake.

I didn’t realize Elijah helped I should have guessed. Can you give him a hug & say thank you from us?

Becky K. said...

That is just the cutest! I love the giraffe topper and am so glad that it has been properly tested before use by the little one...wink.

KarenLana said...

Very pretty and I love that it's so practical! Thanks for the tutorial and wonderful pictures.