Saturday, April 09, 2011


This is my favorite photo of Elijah that evening at the beach. I just love his huge grin and look of pure joy.
Last Friday my Grammy picked Elijah and I up at the airport and took us to my parents house. Mom and I threw supper in a cooler and headed out to the beach for a couple hours.

We all have a place that helps us rest and relax. The beach is that place for me.

wave jumper

shell seeker
That time of day is my favorite to be at the beach. As the sun sets it creates a beautiful glow and it's just so peaceful.

Standing by the ocean always reminds me how little I am and what a big God we serve. He is in control of each wave that reaches the shore. He holds those mighty waters in their place. And He has His hand on my life and is in control of each wave that hits my life. He holds me and won't let them go over my head.


Becky K. said...

You can tell just how much you love this by the photos themselves. Gorgeous!! I took video when we were at Rehobeth...just the waves coming ashore...so that I can revisit it whenever the mood strikes. I have several times already.


Megan said...

I <3 the beach. These pictures are fabulous!

Randi Troxell said...

oh.. and wonderful lovely pics too!!