Saturday, December 25, 2010

Family, Food, Fellowship...

What a great day it's been.

It's Christmas night and Ethan is in bed already! With no nap today and lots of activity he passed out before 6:00! I just hope he sleeps all night now.

It's quiet for the moment so I'm taking the opportunity to share some pictures with the family. (Thanks Rachel for sending some of your pictures. We missed our far away family today.)

Geoff took my brother back to the airport yesterday. He flew to Florida to spend Christmas with the parental units.

One last brotherly hug before they're off!
The Red Bearded Brothers
The boys and I were home cleaning, cooking and getting ready for today.

Before bed on Christmas Eve we let the boys open their gifts from each other.
Elijah was so excited to give his present to his brother!

Then it was off to bed praying for a white Christmas!

What Christmas traditions to you have at your house?


Jillian said...

Merry Christmas!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Our traditions include watching "The Nativity Story" on Christmas Eve, and opening stocking on Christmas Eve as well.

Christmas day is laid back, easy food, no big meal, just buffet laid out and eaten when your hungry....