Monday, November 08, 2010


Why do we feel the need to control everything, even the time!? I don't believe time is something we should mess with. I'm sure the ones who came up with daylight savings time didn't have small children at home. I'm sure they didn't think a mere hour would really mess things up that much. Well, in my house it sure can! When you have two little boys who have already been waking up earlier than normal and you throw in a time change it really does mess things up!

While trying to clean up the house this morning it seemed like every time i turned around the boys were either fighting with each other or trailing behind me creating an even bigger mess than the one i was trying to clean up!

Take this for example...

Ethan, with his black eye and fat lip from his falls last week, and a box of cereal. Cereal that is dumped all over the counter, chair, floor and even caught in his rolled up pajama bottoms.

Then I looked at the clock...

... and it was only 9am! Ahhhh!

I was getting frustrated. I wasn't getting done what I thougth I had to get done. Basicly things weren't going my way. Harsh, but true.

So that's when I realized i needed to rearrange my priorities. Who was more important anyway? My kitchen floor or my children? 

Yea, tough choice. =)

So we got our shoes on and went out side to play and enjoy the beautiful morning.

Yea, good choice...

Take time for the important things in your life today.


Becky K. said...

Good for you!!!!

I am so glad you followed your heart. Your children will only be with you for a while....there will be time enough later for "perfection".

Randi Troxell said...

YOU are a great mom!!
and i LOVE those outside pics!!

Mrs.Rabe said...

You made the right choice!

KarenLana said...

I love this post and the pix!!