Friday, August 20, 2010

Irish Hooks & Yarn

Oh the photographer in me is itching to get my hands on one of these hats for a photo shoot!

Anyone have a brand new baby I could borrow? =)

You have to admit, these hats are adorable!

I love the byline of this etsy shop, "Hand-crocheted items made to create memories!"

Check out this cuteness...

Sue from Irish Hooks & Yarn is offering up to one winner during Blogmania recipes for Irish Scones and Irish Potatoes!

Description from Sue:

"These two recipes are favorites in our family. Both recipes have been passed on to me by word of mouth. I have been making the Irish Potatoes for almost 30 years and they are a sweet treat to make (and eat!) around St. Patrick’s Day.
The Irish scones are a more recent family favorite. The recipe came to me from a friend’s mother who was in her 90s when she gave me the recipe. The scones are a great addition to family gatherings throughout the year, not just for St. Patrick’s Day.
Since I always use my food processor for baking, I have added directions for using a food processor or mixing the old-fashioned way by hand!

The recipes will be sent to you as a PDF file that you can save and print.

Maybe these Irish treats will become a tradition in your family too …"


Gwendolyn said...

Are you the sweet missionary mama? How special your blog is and how wonderful that you can share in this way with your friends and family far away! The Lord bless you today!

Tree said...

Looks fab, Melissa! Both photos are adorable, but I just love the purple one! :) And the Irish scones and potatoes look delish! I'm returning the follow "luv" from Blogmania!

Randi Troxell said...

oh goodness!
that 2nd pic almost sent me over the edge.. almost gave me baby fever.. lol

donna said...

hi missy can't believe how big ethan has got and he is beautiful and i love the rabbit