Monday, July 05, 2010

Cake Balls

Take a bit of cupcake fun, a touch of truffle-like delicious-ness, and a whole heap of creative possibilities, roll them all together and you have yourself a Cake Ball!

Which is exactly what we did one night after the boys were in bed up in South Carolina last week.

All you need is a boxed cake mix, a container of frosting, some dipping chocolate and if you want some like ours you'll need coconut.

Bake the cake according to the box directions.

Then comes the fun part:

Crumble it all up!
Then mix in the frosting.

Here's our funfetti mixture...

We also did a German chocolate cake mix.

Roll into balls and freeze.

We rolled the chocolate cake balls in shredded coconut before freezing.

Here's Brittany hard at work rolling the balls late that night.

Marvin the dog was sticking close to Sherri's side hoping she'd drop something!

Final results!

Or you can melt the chocolate and dip the cake balls if you prefer. Basically you can create any combination of cake, frosting and coating you want!


Brittany Ann said...

Just don't tell anyone we never successfully melted that chocolate;)

We made dinner for a bunch of the single sailors yesterday for the Fourth, and they finished all of your chocolate balls, Liss! Still have a few Funfetti ones left, though...you better come back and help us eat them!

Amy said...

those do look amazing.. I love the dog waiting for the treat.. My Round Robin is this Friday if you want to stop by..

Jenilee said...

those look sooo yummy! love the dog waiting picture. how funny. :)

Randi Troxell said...

Mmmm.. not a good post to read when i am already hugry!!! lol.. they look wonderful.. i will so be trying these out!

Becky K. said...

These do sound yummy. Going to try this. Chelsea is great at dipping things in chocolate!

Becky K.

Susannah said...

Ummmm, jealous! :D And Britt is a cake ball cheater! :D Those sound really delicious...........too bad I gained like eight pounds while visiting her! :D

Erin Wallace said...

This is such a good idea and yet so simple! And they look delicious!

Thanks for your input on my blog. I haven't figured out what to do yet, but I'll keep everyone updated.

xo Erin

Michelle said...

I would have never thought to roll the cake balls in coconut. Hmm...there's some coconut in the fridge and a box of cake mix in the pantry...uh, oh!! ;)

Ashley DeLen said...


I will so have to try this some day! They look so yummy!