Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Landmark LinkUp

Show us your favorite landmark in your current hometown.

I'd have to say Ha Ha Tonka State Park.

"Ha Ha Tonka State Park has a name as unique as its scenery. The park is home to multiple sinkholes, caves, springs, natural bridges, and other features associated with karst. An arm of the Lake of The Ozarks is also viewable from the park. Perhaps the park’s most famous feature is a castle ruin left after a fire."

These photos were actually taken back in November of 2006! It's just down the road so I'll have to make a trip soon to get some new pictures!

Not that the ruins have changed much since '06 but the little guy in the picture above sure has! That's my cousin Jen and Elijah (who is now four).

Now it's your turn! Link up and show us your favorite landmark from where you live!

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Randi Troxell said...

wow... so beautiful..