Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thanks SO much for praying!

You guys are the best! Thank you all for praying for my mom this week while she was in the hospital. I wanted to pass on this email from my mom...

"The cup of my heart is overflowing with gratefulness for your love and prayers; for your calls; for your visits while I was in the hospital!

I was released yesterday afternoon (Friday) and am now back home - housebound for a week - and yet supposed to follow up within the week by going to several doctors to continue seeking the cause for the blood clot - in order to determine my ongoing treatment. So would appreciate your continued prayers.

God gave me many wonderful opportunities to share Christ while I was in the hospital! Yesterday morning - my third and last day - God sent a student nurse who spent an hour and a half with me. During that time, there were no interruptions! Amazing for a hospital! No nurses, technicians, housekeepers (who clean), doctors, tests, phone calls or visitors! But not amazing for our great God who is concerned for every eternal soul and wants each to be saved (after all, He died for them)! Was also able to give All That The Prophets Have Spoken to my Muslim doctor who accepted it. Please, pray for eternal fruit from the seeds that have been planted.

Thanking God for you!"


And one from my sister...

"The Lord chose to answer all our prayers with a YES!! Mom is home from the hospital! The upper body scan ruled out any more clots. She was discharged Fri. 3/26! J How long she will need to be on blood thinner will depend on the lab results & Dr visits this week. She’s on light activity. Which for mom, being such a busy lady, will be tough.
We are still awaiting some blood work results that will take a week. They said, since they have yet to find a cause they need to rule out cancer…So she will be having many more Dr appointments. Pray for a clean bill of health in the coming days.
When you pray for others or yourself How do you pray? In vague, general terms?

I want to encourage you, dear friends, that you can be specific in prayer! God cares about details. Here are some examples of answered prayer: Most people realize it’s hard to sleep in hospitals. So Andrew & I prayed that mom would get extra sleep… Which she was able to get because she had a nice nurse. We also prayed she’d be showered with love & care through calls and visits. Mom chocked up on the phone today saying “my cup overflows” when sharing about the shower of blessings from others. About witnessing - She spent an uninterrupted 1 ½ hrs sharing the gospel with a student nurse!! Thank you one & all for the outpouring of concern for mom. Thank you to those that have called or visited her What a blessing you have been <3

Abide in Him"


Mrs.Rabe said...

We were so glad to hear from her! We will continue to pray!

Brittany Ann said...

Oh, such good news! I've been so worried about her! God is good!

Neha said...

So glad that she is home and recovering. I hope and pray that the other test reports come out just fine and may she be blessed with a long and healthy life!