Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My "nephew" is here!

"On April 7, my best friend Sherri is due to have a baby.

And as the official labor coach, I have to tell you, we've been planning that birth day for months now.

I've blocked off my entire Spring Break next week to spend with her. We've learned at least a dozen ways to induce her labor naturally. We've rehearsed positive statements to help her survive the contractions. We've planned the meals we're going to eat before, during and after her delivery.

I even know the exact nightgown she wants to wear after her son is born.

We are ready.

But not as ready as her little baby boy.

Because the little stinker went ahead and blew our plans right out of the water...."

Click here to read the rest of Brittany's story!

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Randi Troxell said...


thanks for sharing.. i really enjoyed that, but am so glad everything went as smoothly as it did.. and 3.5 hours... NOT BAD AT ALL!!!!

i laughed so hard though about the part when she said... i tried to cross my legs and hold him in...