Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This boy is known by his curls

 Will we recognize you without them, Elijah?

Aw, bye bye beautiful curlz!
I hope you grow back because I already miss you!

My boy, you look more grown up with your new do.

Here's Daddy holding you up to the mirror so you could check yourself out..

I think you like it!

You already have an opinion about how you like your hair because this morning as we were getting you ready for school I combed it neatly and two seconds later you rubbed your hands through your hair, messed it up and said "I want it like this."
I love you so much, Elijah!

With our with out your curls!


Sherri said...

No more curls!!! NO!!! But he is still the cutest 4 year old ever! And I like that he has an opinion about his hair!

Brittany Ann said...

NOOOO!!!!!! Oh, so sad, those beautiful curls all gone! Still, he's adorable and handsome and the bestest little boy I know! Even without the curls, I think he's a keeper.

Carrie said...

Have no fear, Melissa--I'll be here when the curls come back! :-)

Mrs.Rabe said...

They are so funny aren't they, these little guys that the Lord has given us!

He looks just fine without his curls, but I love that he likes his hair messed up!

Randi Troxell said...

so adorable he still is... but, he does LOOK sooo growny!!!

simplebeauty said...

Ohhhhh I miss his curls. But he is handsome even without them!! One of my brothers has curly hair but we didn't figure it out until he went through his long hair phase. I had to stop and look at him twice and go....UM when did you get curly hair?!

You boy sure did get a nice hair cut though! Good job! :O)