Saturday, February 27, 2010

My heart is in Florida today...

One of my very best friends in the world is having a baby!

Well, she's not having the baby today. Hopefully there will be another six weeks before Samuel makes his apperance. No, today is the day she and her husband are celebrating the coming of their son with friends at a couples baby shower.

A shower i helped (sort of) plan. A shower i was supposed to be at.

But instead of being in Florida with Sherri and my other best friend, Brittany (fellow shower planner), decorating for the shower, pulling last minuet things together and painting our toes, i'm here in Missouri. 
It may sound rediculous to some that i'd want to fly down to Florida just for the weekend to attend a friends baby shower.

But this is a friend who i've shared my life with for the past 13 years. We been there for each other's graduations, engagements, weddings, ups and downs. She was even there for Ethan's birth! Like right there at the moment Ethan entered this world! I don't let that many people that close.

We know each other's stories. We've rejoiced with each other and cried with each other. She's my friend. And i know she'd be here in a heart beat if i told her I really needed her to come. Because she's that kind of person. She's that kind of friend. That's why it's breaking my heart not to be with her today. I want to be that kind of friend back to her.

Friendship is not all about what that other person can give to me or do for me. It's not about that at all. It's about giving yourself to them. Hmm, i think that applies to marriage as well, don't you?

And I don't expect everyone to understand. And that's ok. You don't have too. I'm not asking you to. But don't judge me because I see something as important and you don't. Remember, you don't see the whole story.

This morning I decided that since i can't be there in Florida today i'd just throw a viritual baby shower right here, right now!


Of course a baby shower wouldn't be complete with out games.

Everyone loves looking at baby photos, so show off how cute you were as babes! =)

Since I can't find a baby picture of myself right now i'm going to show you my sister!!! =)
Mom & Crystal

Growing up people always asked us if we were twins. We're actually three years apart.

We'd all love to see your baby picture so post yours and come back and leave the link in the comments section! The more the merrier! =)

And gifts! A baby shower always has gifts.

Today one of you are going to win this...

A Mobi Digital Thermometer!

It's great! I have one and besides making it super easy to take my kids temp it also makes a great toy to distract Ethan when i'm changing his diaper! He loves to push the buttons.

In order to be entered to win just leave me a comment with the name of a song that has the word "baby" in it. This should be fun!

Here's one to get you thinking.
"I Got You Babe" - Sonny and Cher

If we get enough songs I'll make Sherri a CD and send it to her from as a gift from the blog world! =)

Be sure to get your entry in because i'm only going to leave this open for a couple days.

So in closing I just want to share a couple more pictures of Jesse, Sherri and baby Samuel from our photo shoot back in January.

I love you, Sherri and just know i wish i could be there today!

PS. Just FYI Monday's entry for I ♥ Faces was another was of Jesse and Sherri's hands.


Mrs.Rabe said...

My entry is "Baby,Baby" by Amy Grant!

This is a sweet post Melissa, and I do understand, very much. You are a sweet friend! Wish you could be there! skype, maybe?

momtoem said...

Hush Little Baby...

Happy Baby Shower to Sherri!!!


Hi, I'm Susan! said...

you are definitely not crazy for wanting to be there for her special day! i'd want it the same way!

my song is "you're having my baby." the glee cast version is great! ;)

Karen Lana said...

I know Sherri is feeling your love today, Melissa.

I'm not entering the contest, but I like "Angel Baby" by Rosie & the Originals from the 60's.

You are a thoughtful and sweet friend. How cool to hold a virtual baby shower! =D

Many happy blessings for Jesse, Sherri and baby Samuel.

♥Cayden's Mommy♥ said...

Aw, Melissa! You are sweet, and I know it must be so hard not to be able to be there. I know how how you feel, friendship like that is rare and beautiful!

"Baby Come Back" by Player

Becky Aguirre said...

So hard to be away from special friends on special days! :(

The first song that came to mind was Baby Baby by Amy Grant, a favorite, but since that one is already taken, I'll throw out Rock-a-bye Baby! :) Definitely another favorite of mothers everywhere, lol

Brittany Ann said...

We missed you so much yesterday, Liss!

Crystal said...

You are so thoughtful! This is a great plan!
You were missed at the shower :(

reading this post made me cry!

my entry is "Mary Did You Know"

Neha said...

How true! Friendship is about giving yourself to them! Loved the post and the pictures like always!

Kelly said...

You are blessed to have a friend like this and to be such a friend, Melissa. Not everyone is so blessed. I'm sorry that you couldn't be with your friend on her special day, but what a great idea to have a special shower for her like this.

My song is "Don't worry, baby" by the Beach Boys.

simplebeauty said...

I love this idea of throwing a virtual baby shower! I understand how hard distance is when we miss those big events in the lives of those we love!

I don't know if this is the title to the song or not but it is by Plumb "your baby blues" (refering to baby blue eyes!)

I hope you have a great day!

Sherri said...

I missed you more than words could say... :'''(