Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Florida Sunset

Well, my posting has been sporadic the last few weeks. I'm hoping once we move to Missouri and settle into more of a routine that i'll find my blogging time again.

We're packing again. We've been in Florida enjoying the holidays with the family and catching up with friends but now it's time to move on to Missouri.

We didn't get to see as many people here as we had hoped in our time. We lost a week of visiting with everyone getting sick after Christmas.

Last night I had the fun opportunity to take some pregnancy photos of my friend Sherri and her husband. It was a lot of fun but we got a late start and started loosing our light. But that gave us a chance to get some silhouette shots. Sherri makes the cutest little pregnant lady ever!

We took just over 200 photos in the hour we were out! We had to shoot fast, our light was fading quickly! I'm only showing a couple because I want Sherri to do what she wants with them first. But there are lots more I want to share with you.!

That's baby Samuel in there! I'm sooo excited and happy for Sherri and Jesse. They are going to be awesome parents and I can't wait to hold little Samuel in my arms in a few months!

After freezing our models solid (i was behind the camera so i got to wear my nice warm coat the whole time!) we went home to Geoff  who was making curry for us all and boy, did we sure enjoy that! Yum! It was a fun night even if Ethan was super fussy and wouldn't let anyone but mommy hold him.

Ok, it's time for me to get back to packing.

We're driving up to Missouri. Leaving Friday and hoping to make it there by Sunday morning. Hopefully we don't have to drive in too much snow! I'm not used to that! My mom will drive with the boys and I in our van while Geoff drives the moving van. I'm so thankful my mom is willing to drive out with us!


Becky K. said...

I'll be thinking of you while you travel.

I can't believe how cold it is even down there.

Even so, your photos are amazing. Can't wait to see more.

Becky K.

Shonni said...

What beautiful pictures! I heard that it was cold in Florida...more than what is normal.
Hope your packing goes well.

Brittany Ann said...

Oh, Liss, they look beautiful! I can't wait to see the rest!

You're such a good photographer (plus you had a beautiful model to work with:)

I wish we could have been there, though:(

Jillian said...

Where is Missouri??? St. Louis??

Amber said...

Those pics are beautiful! You're such a good friend to be there to capture life's special times for your friends!

Praying for safe travels and a smooth move for you, friend!

Randi Troxell said...

lovely pics!!!

hope you all have a safe journey.. u guys will be in my prayers!!!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Beautiful photos!

I will pray for your trip - you will have a special time with your Mom on the trip to MO!

Will you be able to come for a visit over the summer?

Mary said...

Melissa, I hope your move goes smoothly. Your picture of the Florida sunset is beautiful. Happy New Year. I hope 2010 brings you health, happiness and prosperity.

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