Thursday, October 15, 2009


Thanks so much for your sweet comments yesterday! You all are so thoughtful in offering your ideas and even to send me some pumpkins! Seriously, you all are the BEST!

Geoff said he'd help me find some pumpkins this weekend. He said we should be able to find some small ones at the store or vegetable stand. So the great pumpkin hunt of 2009 is ON! =)

We'll have to find some other special "fallish" things to do this year. When ever you can't keep up the old traditions, just make new ones!

It's so much fun to watch your kids learn new things! Elijah knows his name starts with the letter "E". He'll get so excited and point it out when he spots it some where. Last week he was coloring and he said "i drawed Elijah!" He had written an "E" all by himself without me ever showing him how! Now he does it all the time on his board. He knows how to write "M" now too, for Mommy, of course.

Another thing he really enjoys is using scissors. So i'll write a word or a bunch of letters on the board and he'll find the letters in an old magazine and cut them out and match them up. He loves that!

Enjoy your Thursday!


Brittany Ann said...

Oh my gosh! I love how proud he is. He told himself, "Good boy!" OH, I cannot wait to see you guys! Only about two months!

the monkey's mama said...

Aw! "E" is a hard letter, too! Good for him.

When we were in the UK we found a pumpkin at Asda...randomly. I carved it and people didn't know what to think...i guess it isn't a tradition across the pond :)

PS just now on google reader so i may be commenting a lot!

Sherri said...

YOu need to hurry and bring these boys back to me, I miss them way too much, especially when you post these kinds of things!!!

Donna said...

he is such a clever wee man and his smile just warms my heart