Friday, October 09, 2009

I'm going to let you in on a secret...

But first raise your right hand and promise that you won't tell my husband...

because I'm going to tell you what I'm giving him for Christmas!

My new brother in law is drawing a portrait of each of our boys that i'll frame and surprise Geoff with!

Want a sneak peek? Check this out...

Isn't it amazing? I love it and I know Geoff will to. It's unique and something we will treasure forever. I can't wait to see Ethan's portrait!

Do you have someone who you have a hard time finding the perfect Christmas or Birthday gift for? How about ordering one of these portraits (with your own photo, of course) from Andrew?

He can do portraits of both people and or pets. If anyone would like one they would need to send Andrew a jpeg of the picture they'd like to have drawn through email. Portraits will be 9'' x 12'' & the price is $40. That's a great price. I've seen them online prices for a lot more!

This is the photo i sent Andrew:

The cool thing is, besides getting a beautiful portrait, all the money is going towards Andrew and Crystal's Mission to Africa.

My sister and brother in law have applied for Far Reaching Ministries Extreme Missions Program.

Here's what FRM's website says about the program:

"FRM is opening an intensive 12 month course for missionaries. If you have a passion for the remote, dangerous, and difficult areas of the world this program is for you. Candidates will go through training in the USA, Kenya, Sudan, and other rural areas. You will learn how to minister to the persecuted church and how to advocate on their behalf. This program will ruin you for the things of this world and mold you into a warrior for Jesus Christ."

Sounds intense, huh? It's a new course and they will be some of the very first people to go through it. But they need to raise some support before they go in January. So Andrew is offering to do these portraits to raise the funds.

Here's his email: andrewtopel@hotmail.com

You can see Andrew's blog here
and Crystal's blog here.


Becky K. said...


He is soooo good!
What a very creative and unique way to raise money for their mission trip.

Becky K.

Sherri said...

I did not know he did these!!! E's turned out great!!! I amreally eager to see what picture you chose for Ethan. :)

Randi Troxell said...

WOW! that is so amazing... and your husband is going to LOVE it!

have a wonderful wkend!!!

Lyr said...

WOW... awesome

Markus and Sarah said...

This is beautiful! Your brother-in-law is so talented!

Brittany Ann said...

That's gorgeous! I can't wait to see Little Es.

And what an impressive program! Perfect for them!

Kristen said...

such an awesome picture and such an awesome cause!

l♥ving life as mommy and wife! said...

WOW he is awesome!!! Out of curiosity do you know how much he is charging for it? You can send me email if you want!

Emily said...

Elijah's turned out SO great! I can't wait to see Ethan's!!

Andrew is SO talented!

Diane said...

So talented! Your husband will LOVE it! :O)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

GORGEOUS! What a talented brother in law you have. Geoff will love it!

Off to check out your link...