Monday, September 28, 2009

Gift List

Continuing to add to my gratitude gift list from last week...

I'm thanking God for His gifts...

#11 Gentle Breezes and the sound they make in the leaves
#12 Bird songs
#13 New babies and babies on the way (more on this later. And no, i'm not pregnant)
#14 Glowing candles to brighten up the longer evenings now
#15 Frozen french fries (for teething babies!)

Elijah's contributions...
#16 "my toys"
#17 "your flute"
#18 "lights"
#19 "sunshine"
#20 "rocks"

You know my husband is really feeling bad if he misses work. Both he and Elijah came down with something over the weekend. He actually got up and ready for work and went in but he was home within an hour. He's in bed now and I'm hoping another day of rest will help him feel better.

We didn't go to church yesterday and we had to reschedual our meeting tonight. It's set for November now. November is going to be a busy month!

How are you all doing today?


Sherri said...

I like that E is thankful for your flute! :) Catch me on skype today if you get the chance, hoping Geoff feels better real quick, praying for him!

Randi Troxell said...

frozen french fries... i've never heard of anyone doing that.. but it sounds like an awesome idea!!

Amber said...

Love these lists! I hope everyone feels better soon!

Brittany Ann said...

Big E loves your flute? Well, melt my heart! We should play ours with him when you all are back!

Tatiana said...

Fabulous list! I really hope you guys are going to feel better soon :-)

Lynnette Kraft said...

I think it's wonderful that you did this post. It's so important to stop and count our blessings.

I wanted to thank you for showing care and concern for Harrison. He's doing much better today.

PS Frozen french fries huh? That's interesting! :)

Crystal said...

I assume Geoff feels better now? since it's been almost a wk from this post... Just checking, since I didn't see a post or comment on his recovery.

Crystal said...

I should have asked how Geoff & Elijah were! I momentarily forgot Elijah had been sick since you mostly talked about how it effected his work & the meeting.

Have you been playing your flute more lately?

I was surprised how many people commented on the french fries ;-)

Crystal said...

How cute to include Elijah’s list! That’s a good list. Tell Elijah Aunt Crystal likes his list!