Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Wow, we had a great response to the giveaway. Thanks to all who entered. But sadly we can only have one winner. And according to Random.org that winner was entry #7.

Number Seven was...

Thanks again for entering and for asking some good questions.
It was fun to meet some new people and their blogs. As a result I ended up with more blogs on my reader!

If you want to follow along with this crazy family of ours feel free to add your picture to that group of good looking people right over there on the sidebar ------>

If you didn't win this time don't worry. There will be more chances. Remember I still have to do my pay it forward giveaway.

Thank you Cheri, for this Sweet as a Cupcake award.

I'm passing this one on to:
Christina at Life Adventures
Amanda at Our Heart and Home
Doreen at Treasured Giveaways
Donna at Donna's Blog
Ruth at Ruth's Thoughts

Have an awesome week, friends!


sue said...

Thank you, Melissa!!!! I thought it was probably another Sue that had won--then I saw Mrs. Owens!!! Love, SUE

Shonni said...

Your new blog is so pretty Melissa. I love it!

Randi Troxell said...

congrats to the winner! and yep! i'm with shonni i love the new header and all!!

Christina@ingallslife said...

thanks for the award! how nice of you to think of me.
that is a gluten free cupcake, right? lol mmm, chocolate cupcakes sound good, when i get off work, i think i'll make some with the kids. so they say thanks too! i'll post pics of them. sounds like fun!

Doreen said...

Awww thanks sooo sweet!! I love it!

Amanda Sikes said...

Thanks so much for the award. You are too kind. I love reading your blog but this is the first week of homeschooling this year for us so I haven't visited in awhile. Thanks for letting me know.

cherie said...

you're most welcome, melissa! and congratulations, sue!!